And the winner is… BOOM ANC by MIIEGO® from Denmark. 🏆🎧

Great allround headphones with active noise cancellation.
6 out of 6 stars.

The renowned Scandinavian sport magazine iFORM, which is published in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland has again this year made a big test of wireless headphones (edition 11/2020).

MIIEGO won with the model: 🎧BOOM ANC by MIIEGO® with active noise cancellation.

BOOM Black in Black

BOOM ANC by MIIEGO® is a 4-in-1 product great for relaxation, sports, travelling and office use.
BOOM by MIIEGO are comfortable over-ear headphones with an impressive sound performance, changeable ear-cushions and IPX-5 certification – sweat-proof and built for an active lifestyle.
The brand-new and innovative TWIST’N’TURN design on all BOOM by MIIEGO® headphones adds a completely new dimension to the usage and functionality of your headphones. This new feature allows you to fast and easily change the ear cushions, which means you can always choose to wear and use the ear cushions that YOU prefer and suit your needs in any given situation; on-the-go, on your couch, during workouts etc.


You get uncompromised sound quality with extra deep bass and fine, clear and crisp treble. Danish Audio engineering at its finest. Exchange the ear cushions easily from a set of soft PU leather ear cushions for casual wear to a set of extra washable, air-management ACTIVE sport ear cushions that keep your ears comfortable and cool while working out. Don’t worry about getting the sport ear-cushions wet and sweaty. We made them washable to prevent odors and bacteria. With the BOOM Series, you´ll always feel fresh while working out.

Besides a great audio performance this innovative product also comes with an extra set of special developed sport ear cushions that are washable!

As one out of very few over-ear headphones, it also comes with IPX5 certification as it is water and rain resistant.

With the built-in ANC function for active noise reduction, you can easily shut out the world around you.

Did you know: The BOOM-series by MIIEGO® has also won the RED DOT award and an ISPO award!

Red Dot Award 2019ISPO 2019

PS: You can read a more detailed product test (external, and in Danish) about the BOOM ANC right here:

MIIEGO is MUSIC ON-THE-GO. MIIEGO® is an innovative Danish brand, specializing in high performance wireless audio products for an active lifestyle. Founded in 2010, on proud Danish acoustic and audio traditions, MIIEGO® has won numerous international product tests and awards for top quality sound, comfort, functionality and product design. All MIIEGO® products are designed to withstand and survive the challenging Scandinavian climate and are built to be used for on-the-go action – indoor and outdoor, anywhere and anytime.


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